Volume 4, 2012


Volume 4, 2012 – Jim Chester Memorial Issue

Table of Contents:

Photo memorial, Ron Zuber. Jim Chester peers into Three Old Geezers Cave, Montana. Copyright Mike McEachern We lost a great man when Jim Chester passed away, as he was one of Montana’s great cave explorers. Enjoy this photo tribute to Jim.
Memories of the man, Ken Stahley. Jim Chester in Virgil camp, 2007. Copyright Ken Stahley Some anecdotes about Jim will remain only as memories. Some are shared. Here are three shorts from Ken Stahley.
Spelelean Spotlight, Bill Steele. Jim Chester coils rope after visiting Le Gouffre Geezer. Copyright Ron Zuber Jim was featured in the Spelean Spotlight in a 2003 issue of NSS News. It is reprinted here as part of this special issue.
Jim Chester’s obituary, Ron Zuber and Mary Alice Chester. Jim Chester on Limestone Mountain, 2007. Copyright James Cummins This is a reprint of Jim’s obituary that appeared in the November 2010 NSS News. Cave Ho, Jim!
2012 Castleguard expedition (Canada), Christian Stenner. In the entrance camp to Castleguard, Canada. Copyright Christian Stenner. Read about what it is like to ski across a glacier, sherpa heavy sleds up a moraine, and camp in a cave, only to find some unexpected circumstances.
Americans in Croatia (Croatia), Doug Warner. Bruce White sherpas a dive tank in Lukina Jama, Croatia. Copyright Doug Warner This story chronicles Americans Bruce White and Doug Warner’s 2011 trip to the bottom of 1342-meter deep Lukina Jama in Croatia. The trip proved more difficult than imagined.
Nasal Complex history correction (Utah), Duane McCully. Lance Dickey rappelling down Fantasy Well Pit in Nielson's Well Cave. Copyright Brandon KowallisSometimes what is written in history books doesn’t reflect what really happened. Find out the real story of the discovery the Nasal Complex in Nielson’s Well.
High in the thin cold air (Peru), Steve Knutson. Mina Raura, Peru. Copyright Victor Romero ValladaresSome leads get left behind, and some mountain ranges are still unexplored. Need a reason to go to Peru? Read this!
On cows and karst (Peru), Mike Green. Andy Zellner climbs out of El Hodago, Peru. Copyright Mike GreenMike “Gringo” Green examines perhaps the most ferocious predator of the Andes, bos primigenius.
When it rains at Great X (Wyoming), Jeb Blakeley. 1980 Great X camp. Copyright Jeb Blakeley What happens when it rains at Wyomings Great X cave? What happens when a blizzard comes in the night? This mini-epic occurred in 1980. Read about it now!
Disto X survey tool, Bob Bastasz. Disto X survey tool. Copyright Bob Bastasz One of the recent technological advancements in cave surveying came with the home-built Disto X tool. Here is an evaluation of its capabilities.
Cur-Tec cave kegs, gear review, Brian Gindling. Cur-Tec kegs / barrels. Copyright Brian GindlingDry bags always leak. Zip-lock baggies don’t last long. Caves are wet. Cave packs are heavy. Here is the solution, Cur-Tec barrels. This gear review shouldn’t be missed!
Chinese Wall, Bob Marshall Wilderness. Continental Divide syncline geology (Montana), Hans Bodenhamer and John Powell. A geology article on Montana’s greatest caving area. Within in the article is an original map of the area’s geology, the first of its kind.
Artesian well caves of the Eastern Front (Montana), Hans Bodenhamer. Bean Hole geology A geology article that examines the speleogenesis of caves along Montana’s eastern front. Maps of Bean Hole and Foggy Brennan cave accompany the article.
Featured map: Continental Divide syncline geology by Hans Bodenhamer – available as a free, high-resolution download. See issue for details!
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