Volume 2, 2006


Table of Contents:

Fossil Mountain Ice Cave, Wyoming, Copyright Warren AndersonA reconstruction of Late Holocene climate in the Teton area from layers of sediment contained in ice from Fossil Mountain Ice Cave, Teton county, Wyoming, Nate Fuller. A geology article on the layers of ice in Fossil Mountain Ice Cave. The layers of ice in the cave have been there for a long, long, time.

Blood runs through the mountain, Joe Oliphant. faces-of-blood-copyright-maciej-tomaszek Blood Cave in Montana runs completely through the mountain. Problem is, it is still going. A Polish contingent of cavers were on this trip, and said, “we camp here.” Well, what next?
Beyond Silvertip, 2003, Jason Ballensky. Lone Butte in the distance, Montana, Copyright Doug Powell Lone Butte is beyond Silvertip. Read about Hans, Jason, Phil, and Doug’s adventure to this seldom-visited area. You couldn’t imagine what they were about to find, just a little ways down the trail…
Summer 2004, Jason Ballensky. Fairview Pit, Montana, Copyright Jason Ballensky Jason recants his Montana adventures including Sergeant Mountain, Flathead Alps, and Fairview Mountain in this article. Montana is the state that just keeps on giving.
Little Chinese Wall Cave, Montana, Copyright Jason Ballensky Exploration in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana, Summer 2005, Phil Rykwalder. 2005s adventures include a trip to Montana’s famous Chinese Wall, where the Little Chinese Wall cave was entered and surveyed.
Walling Reef, Montana, Copyright Ben Sainsbury Gravity slide caves on inactive thrust fault surfaces, Eastern Front, Sawtooth Range, Montana, Hans Bodenhamer. A geology article on gravity-slide caves on Montana’s eastern front, specifically along Walling Reef.
Hypogene cave development, Copyright Hans BodenhamerHypogene cave development in the Little Belt Mountains of central Montana, Hans Bodenhamer and Rick Brinkman. Another Geology article exploring the speleogenesis of Lick Creek Cave, Lillyguard, and more.
Early Exploration of Caves in Montana, Newell Campbell Top of Ear Mountain, Montana, Copyright Jim Chester Newell recounts some of the early trips in Montana, including one to the top of Ear Mountain and a sketchy mine shaft.
Geology of Oregon Caves revisited, William Halliday Oregon Caves map, Copyright Steve Knutson Dr. Halliday examines the geology of Oregon Caves, a national monument in Oregon. Several maps accompany this article.
Alpine caves, mines, and sulfuric acid, Newell Campbell. A short paper on the speleogenesis of caves with respect to sulfuric acid as opposed to the typical carbonic acid development.
Ridge Walking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness (Oregon), Brett Cook South side of Cusick Mountain, Oregon, Copyright Nick Yost Who says there’s not alpine karst in Oregon? Not these guys! Apparently, there’s many more possibilities. Yes, Oregon isn’t JUST lava and marble! Check out the Wallowas!
Tune your SRT rig (Technique), Alan Warild. Tune your SRT rig, Copyright Alan Warild The author of Vertical discusses how to optimize your single-rope “Frog” climbing rig.
Thomas Coleman in the lower level of Poia Cave, Montana, Copyright BHS-OLECGeology of Poia Lake Cave, Glacier National Park (Montana), Hans Bodenhamer. A geology article on the development of this cave with consideration to the deep-looping theory.
Skilunking in Montana, Peter Thompson. Scapegoat GFFC entrance in winter, Montana, courtesy Jim Chester This reprint from the Canadian Caver recounts the difficulties of a 14-mile approach to a river cave… in winter.
Scapegoat Mountain River Cave (Montana), Joe Oliphant. Scapegoat Cave System, Montana, Copyright Marc Pedersen Scapegoat is perhaps the most sporting cave in Montana. Waterfalls, pits, rivers, climbs and domes everywhere, and yet after 40 years, leads remain.
Lukina Jama entrance, Croatia, Copyright Darko Baksic Croatia and the deep caves of the Northern Velibit, Darko Baksic, and Dalibor Paar. Croatia, where the term “karst” comes from, hosts some of the world’s deepest caves – this article inspired a 2011 trip which appears in Volume 4. Incredible!
Moses Pit, Swiss Pre-Alps, Copyright Michel DemierreThe Folliu Borna Cave System, Swiss pre Alps, Vincent Ballenegger and Gilles Rosselet. The Folliu Borna cave system is fantastic, and contains a lot of deep pits in a mountainous region. A sure fit for Alpine Karst!
A hole in the sky (Peru), Ian McKenzie. Qa Qa'Machay, Peru, Copyright Martin Holroyd You can’t breathe very well above 15,000 feet. Imagine caving above this altitude. You don’t have to imagine it, just read this article!
Gear-o-mania, Bernhard Keppen – Gear o’ mania!
101 hours under the mountain (Canada), Kirk Safford. Poker in Camp 1, Castleguard Cave, Canada, Copyright Greg Horne What to do when you’re in an in-cave camp miles from the nearest road? How about a game of poker? That’s the most mundane thing to happen on this trip!
Marek begins the bolt climb to the Aven, Castleguard Cave, Canada, Copyright Christian RushfeldtFrom Holes in the Floor to the Penthouse; First ascent of the 200-foot Aven in Castleguard Cave (Canada), Marek Vokac. Ski across a glacier. Climb a moraine with heavy sleds. Traverse miles into a cave, through fissures, holes in the floor and sketchy traverses. Then make the first ascent of a 200-foot dome. Read all about it!
Castleguard Cave map - Boons Aven - Copyright Dan GreenCastleguard Cave, an evolving Parks Canada project, Dan Green and Ian McKenzie. This project is years in the making. Learn about what cavers and Parks Canada are doing to continue this project.
The Petzl S61 NEST rescue stretcher (gear review), Jay Kennedy. NEST rescue stretcher, copyright Jay Kennedy Jay reviews this rescue stretcher, available from PETZL.
Albanian Alps, Copyright Alexey ZhalovResults of the Bulgarian-Albanian speleology research in Albania (1991-2005), Alexey Zhalov. Caving in the Albanian Alps? Yes, please!!
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