Alpine Karst aspires to be the world’s premiere alpine caving publication, which contains caving stories of original exploration and survey from alpine or remote regions around the world, stories of historic significance, discussions of cave-related science, gear reviews, and more. The Alpine Karst Newsletter was first published in 1975 and 1976 by Chuck Pease, followed by the 1977 and 1978 editions by Ron Zuber and Jim Chester. In 2004, in collaboration with the original publishers, Joe and Tina Oliphant resurrected the journal with a new edition, Volume 1.

Below is the summary of our library of volumes to date. Click on the photos to go to the individual pages for photos, excerpts, and more!

Volume 4, 2012Alpine Karst, Volume 4, 2012 – Jim Chester Memorial Issue. Jim was one of the editors of the original Alpine Karst newsletter and a life-long explorer. Four articles in this issue are dedicated to Jim, including a 22-page Photo Memorial by Ron Zuber. This issue contains stories of exploration from Canada, Croatia, Utah, Peru, and Wyoming; Science and Technology articles on the Disto X Survey Tool, the Geology of the Continental Divide Syncline, and the geology of Artesian Well Caves. A gear review of Cur-Tec kegs rounds out the issue. 128 pages.

Volume 3, 2008AK2008 – Compendium reprint of the four original Alpine Karst newsletters. A recently written introduction to the 1975-76 editions by Chuck Pease, an introduction to the 1977-78 editions by Jim Chester and Ron Zuber, and an introduction to Inside Earth by Tina Oliphant accompany full reprints of Alpine Karst, No. 1, 1975, Alpine Karst, No. 2, 1976, Alpine Karst, No. 3, 1977, Alpine Karst, No. 4, 1978 and Inside Earth articles Lost Creek Siphon, A Montana Challenge, by Jim Chester, and Scapegoat, Montana Wilderness Caving by Norm Pace. 210 pages.

Volume 2, 2006AK2006 – Contains stories of original exploration from Albania, Canada, Croatia, Montana, Oregon, and Peru; Geology articles on Poia Lake Cave, Glacier National Park, Montana; Gravity Slide Caves on Inactive Thrust Fault Surfaces, Eastern Front, Sawtooth Range, Montana; Hypogene Cave Development in the Little Belt Mountains of Central Montana; Reconstruction of late Holocene Climate in the Teton area of Wyoming; A gear review of the Petzl S61 Rescue stretcher, and more! 170 pages.

Volume 1, 2004AK2004 – Inaugural contemporary issue contains stories of exploration from Alaska, Austria, California, Colorado, Montana, and Utah; Geology articles on Lost Creek Siphon, Montana, Nielsons Cave, Utah, Marble Mountains of Northern California; gear review of the breakthrough Piccasa alpine caving wetsuit; Ultralight Single-Rope Technique for Alpine Caving, and more! 130 pages.
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