The Alpine Karst Foundation has established a grant fund. Grants are funded 100% by donations to the Foundation and are dependent upon available funds. The maximum grant award is $250 and the minimum grant is $100. The Board of Directors will review all grant proposals. No group will receive more than one grant in each calendar year. Groups may reapply in following calendar years.

Grant applications will be considered for the following projects:

1. Original exploration and survey of alpine caving areas in the world;

2. Research of alpine caving ecosystems;

3. Completion of exploration and survey of incomplete caving projects;

4. Other projects consistent with our stated purpose.

Grantees will be required to submit a report for inclusion in the Alpine Karst publication, preferrably containing photos and maps of the project area. Failure to provide a report will make all individuals of the group ineligible for future grants, even if the individuals are requesting grants for different project areas.

The proposal should describe, at least, The location of the cave or system of caves to be explored; the estimated dates the exploration will begin and end; a short description of the cave(s) or karst area, the geologic and geographical setting and potential for discovery, and the expected challenges; a breakdown or list of the expected items and to be used in the exploration, and the cost of each. Examples of items are rope, rigging gear, climbing gear, survey gear, and can include costs for underground camping supplies, food, and travel. Decisions on grants generally take two to six weeks. Expect another several weeks to receive the funds. The successful recipient group can expect a synopsis of their proposal to be posted on this website.

Grant proposals can be submitted at any time.

In order to be considered for a grant, please email your proposal to: